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Pros and cons of touch screen solution

Pros and cons of touch screen solution

Many people claim that old computer systems will be out if business by 2030. Importance of touch screen solution has changed the marketing of the products in detail store marketing. There are many arguments in favor and against the use of touch screen technology ฟิล์ม ส มา ร์ ท เท ค. Are touch screen solutions futuristic? It is sure that touch screen solutions have improved retail marketing and enhanced customer experience. Touch screen kiosks are becoming more common nowadays. 

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Touch screen solutions are fast way of connecting with kiosks. With the rise in smartphone users, customers are more comfortable in using digital kiosks. They have reduced the need of human interaction and boosted self-service privacy film. Touch screen solutions are responsive and high in demand. For any retail store investment in touch screen kiosk will be worth it. The maintenance cost of these kiosks is less than traditional computer system. They work effectively in rough and tough environment like industries. Big retail stores have started setting up digital kiosks outside their stores to engage the customers and increase sales. These touch screen kiosks work round the clock proving 24/7 service. Therefore, there is no need to smoky any night worker. They have provided better interface system to the customers. 

Touch screen kiosks provides customized and personalized services to the customers. These systems are fun to use as well as easy. With increased multi-touch functions, customers can zoom in or zoom out making them more accessible. Even some digital kiosks have adjustable heights, customers with short height can adjust the kiosks. These small things make customers elated. An elated customer will spread good word about the brand. With the installation of digital kiosks many retailers have witnessed increase in sales and low cost. As digital kiosks are an automated system, it doesn’t require hardware like mouse or keyboard. This reduces the chances of damage. Digital kiosks are protected with screen shield, which can be replaced in case of damages. Digital kiosks also have read aloud function which is beneficial for visually impaired customers to purchase a product. Customers can increase the font size of the content by zooming in. 

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The only down side is these touch screen solutions are expensive and short term. Retailers will see the need to replace the screen shield after few months. Some customers swipe or press the screen very hard making the situation worse. Elderly customers might not he familiar with the technology. Some customers are comfortable in talking to sales associate while billing. Digital kiosks have removed this option. Digital kiosk works on battery and power. Retailers will have to plug in the kiosks with power source 24/7. This is not possible in some rural areas. Digital kiosk also increases the chances of short circuit which can lead to huge loss for retailers. The initial investment is expensive for small retailers with flat profits. A digital kiosk doesn’t promise high profits or returns. Customers are volatile, purchases depend on their moods. Finally, it is the ultimate choice of the retailers whether to install a touch screen digital kiosk or not.